3M Scotch Magic Tape: The Invisible Tape

3M Scotch Magic Tape

The Brief
The Invisible Tape by Scotch is the tape that makes tears on paper magically disappear. The task was to demonstrate the advantages of the product in the unique way and make packaging and POS materials visually stand out among similar competitor products.

The Idea
To make Invisible Tape a fascinating experience even before the actual usage we developed a packaging that makes the tape itself magically disappear.

The Solution
The disappearance effect was achieved due to a specially designed ultra thin mirror. Placed inside the packaging, it created an illusion of a seemingly empty box. Since the mirror is tilted, it formed the area inside the packaging where the product was “invisibly” stowed.

3M Scotch Magic Tape 2

3M Scotch Magic Tape 3


Client: 3M
Product: Scotch Magic Tape
Campaign Title: The Invisible Tape
Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Sascha Hanke
Unit Creative Director: Rolf Leger
Creative Director: Alexander Hesslein
Art Director: Zillah Beese
Copywriter: Tim Bozek
Production Manager: Martin Lühe
Final Artwork: Mareike Dörries

  • Com_Truise

    Sowas hatte ich auch in meinem Kinderzauberkasten. Nette Idee aber 🙂

    • Da fallen mir Prediger Salomos weisen Worte ein:

      “Was ist’s, das geschehen ist? Eben das hernach geschehen wird. Was
      ist’s, das man getan hat? Eben das man hernach tun wird; und geschieht
      nichts Neues unter der Sonne. Geschieht auch etwas, davon man sagen möchte: Siehe, das ist neu? Es
      ist zuvor auch geschehen in den langen Zeiten, die vor uns gewesen sind.”

      Die Kunst ist halt die passende Adaption für die aktuelle Aufgabenstellung. 😉

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