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Astra: The Girl Detection Billboard

Astra is one of Germany’s best-known beer brands. As with most other beer brands in the world there’s one target group to which beer advertising doesn’t really speak: women.

Astra The Girl Detection Billboard

Astra wanted to change that – and developed the first digital illuminated billboard to directly talk to women! We applied a camera and the latest in gender detection software to the poster, allowing it to determine women from men, and also the age of the people in front of it.

In this way the “girl detection billboard” could screen one of more than 70 pre-shot video messages directly to women.


Client: Astra
Campaign Title: The Girl Detection Billboard
Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Robert Müller
Art Directors: Bastian Adam, Rouven Steiman
Copywriter: Christian Stamp
Technical Director: Holger Norden
Interactive Producer: Miriam Koch
Project Managers: Julia Cornils, Michael Mehring
Film Production: sonntagskind, Hamburg, Germany