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Audi: Audi TT Brochure Hack

Audi Audi TT Brochure Hack

The Audi TT is the first model to feature the revolutionary Virtual Cockpit. Our task: inspire customers with this futuristic feature. The challenge: do it with the conventional sales brochure.

The Audi TT brochure hack – an augmented touch based journey through the Virtual Cockpit. Using conductive print, the brochure becomes a smart surface, letting you explore every aspect of the Virtual Cockpit.

This tech hack turned a static brochure into a storytelling platform. It also got Audi customers one-step closer to driving the TT by letting you book a test drive directly from the app.


Client: Audi
Campaign Title: Audi TT Brochure Hack
Advertising Agency: Razorfish, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Preethi Mariappan
Group Creative Director: Chris May
Associate Creative Director: Yasushi Zonno
Senior Art Director: Daniel Righi
Art Director: Diego Margini
Motion Graphics: Henrik Oestergaard
Software Developer: Marco Koeppel
Concept Developer: Anna Dressler
Junior Concept Developer: Fay Kornmeier
Account Director: Caren Erhardt
Project management: Tobias Hering