Powerade Workout Billboards

Powerade Workout Billboards

Powerade presents: the world’s first Workout Billboards. Billboards, which are an advertising and training machine at the same time. By using the ad you could prove directly: You have more power than you think!


Client: Powerade
Campaign Title: Workout Billboards
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Tim Stuebane, Birgit van den Valentyn, Stese Wagner
Art Directors: Matthias Bauer, Moritz Carls, Stephan Westerwelle
Copywriter: Janne Sachse

STIHL: Let There Be Light

After the dark days of winter, your overgrown garden is often left cast in shadows, and reviving it can be a daunting challenge.

STIHL Let there be light SUNBATHING

That’s the premise behind ‘Let There Be Light’, the campaign Altmann + Pacreau created for STIHL, the world leader in garden and yard equipment. Three visuals use a touch of humour to highlight the plight owners face when tackling their unkempt gardens, and the rewards they can look forward to thanks to the brand’s tools.

STIHL Let there be light BARBECUE

STIHL Let there be light READING


Client: STIHL
Campaign Title: Let There Be Light
Advertising Agency: Altmann + Pacreau, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Agency Management: Edouard Pacreau, Thomas Vigneron
Conception and Photography: Hervé Plumet
Production: Ursus Production, Eric Buisson

Astra: The Girl Detection Billboard

Astra is one of Germany’s best-known beer brands. As with most other beer brands in the world there’s one target group to which beer advertising doesn’t really speak: women.

Astra The Girl Detection Billboard

Astra wanted to change that – and developed the first digital illuminated billboard to directly talk to women! We applied a camera and the latest in gender detection software to the poster, allowing it to determine women from men, and also the age of the people in front of it.

In this way the “girl detection billboard” could screen one of more than 70 pre-shot video messages directly to women.


Client: Astra
Campaign Title: The Girl Detection Billboard
Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Robert Müller
Art Directors: Bastian Adam, Rouven Steiman
Copywriter: Christian Stamp
Technical Director: Holger Norden
Interactive Producer: Miriam Koch
Project Managers: Julia Cornils, Michael Mehring
Film Production: sonntagskind, Hamburg, Germany

KFC Tray Typer

KFC is fingerlickin’ good. But using your smartphone while enjoying KFC will leave a not so good fingerprint on your touchscreen.

KFC Tray Typer 1

That’s why we invented the KFC Tray Typer – a durable paper tray that transforms into a super-thin, rechargeable wireless keyboard when you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth.

We handed out the Tray Typer with every order during the opening week of new KFC restaurants and our fans loved it: Geolocated social media discussions skyrocketed and every single one of the smart paper trays was taken home.


Client: KFC
Campaign Title: Tray Typer
Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Germany
Creative Director: Christoph Everke
Art Directors: Christian Mittelmaier, Max Janda, Marko Savic
Copywriters: Volker Heine, Lorenz Langgartner

Audi: Audi TT Brochure Hack

Audi Audi TT Brochure Hack

The Audi TT is the first model to feature the revolutionary Virtual Cockpit. Our task: inspire customers with this futuristic feature. The challenge: do it with the conventional sales brochure.

The Audi TT brochure hack – an augmented touch based journey through the Virtual Cockpit. Using conductive print, the brochure becomes a smart surface, letting you explore every aspect of the Virtual Cockpit.

This tech hack turned a static brochure into a storytelling platform. It also got Audi customers one-step closer to driving the TT by letting you book a test drive directly from the app.


Client: Audi
Campaign Title: Audi TT Brochure Hack
Advertising Agency: Razorfish, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Preethi Mariappan
Group Creative Director: Chris May
Associate Creative Director: Yasushi Zonno
Senior Art Director: Daniel Righi
Art Director: Diego Margini
Motion Graphics: Henrik Oestergaard
Software Developer: Marco Koeppel
Concept Developer: Anna Dressler
Junior Concept Developer: Fay Kornmeier
Account Director: Caren Erhardt
Project management: Tobias Hering

Sorry We Didn’t Show Up Clock for Manuel Urbanke

Sorry we didnt show up Clock

In Cannes 2014 Kristoffer Winther and Ole Hoffmann arranged a meeting with Manuel Urbanke from Jung von Matt/Alster because they wanted an internship. The day of the meeting came and… they didn’t show up!

Manuel Urbanke waited in vain for 25 minutes. But how could both guys make up for that? They made a big clock that beats up their faces for 25 minutes every hour every day. The pointer on the clock is a Jung von Matt boxing glove that hits the guys faces when the clock ticks. They sent the clock to Manuel Urbanke along with an apology and their portfolio.

Two days later, Jung von Matt invited Kristoffer Winther and Ole Hoffmann to Hamburg for an interview. They went there (on time) and got the internship.


Art Directors / Copywriters / Photographers: Ole Hoffmann, Kristoffer Winther

Foxy Kitchen Tissue: One Sheet Is Enough

Foxy Kitchen Tissue Beer Glass

Foxy Kitchen Tissue Wine Glass

Foxy Kitchen Tissue Juice Glass

One sheet is enough.


Client: Foxy
Product: Asso Ultra Kitchen Tissue
Campaign Title: Glasses
Advertising Agency: Lowe Pirella, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Daniele Dionisi
Art Director Supervisor: Ferdinando Galletti
Copywriter: Davide Pasquale
Photographer, 3D-CGI and Retouching: Carioca Studio
Client Service Director: Luisella Marelli
Account Supervisor: Cinzia Prioni
Account Executives: Maria Caterina Gardoni, Chiara Tolu

findmyfare.com: 15kg Extra Campaign

findmyfare.com 15kg Extra 1

findmyfare.com 15kg Extra 2

findmyfare.com 15kg Extra 3

15kg extra baggage allowance.


Client: findmyfare.com
Campaign Title: 15kg Extra
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Sri Lanka
Chief Creative Officer: Trevor Kennedy
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Prasad Kulkarni
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Juneston mathana
Account manager: Wasim Akram
Senior Media Manager: Nilusha Wanasinghe
Media Manager: Chandani Abeyeratna
Media Director: Neelanie Goonetilleke
Director PR: Caryll Van Dort
Agency Producer: Mehnaz Ilhamdeen
Production Company: MMJ Studio
Director: Shivanthi Jayasinghe
Retoucher: Dennis Mather
Illustrator: Chathuranga Gamage

Colineal Sofas: Hardcore to Pop Singer

Colineal Sofas Hardcore to Pop Singer


Client: Colineal Sofas
Campaign Title: Relax
Advertising Agency: Saltiveri Ogilvy, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Creative Directors / Art Directors: Federico Braga, Fernando Franco
Copywriter: Andrés Monge
Photographer: Osofante

Colineal Sofas: Witch to Fairy

Colineal Sofas Witch to Fairy


Client: Colineal Sofas
Campaign Title: Relax
Advertising Agency: Saltiveri Ogilvy, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Creative Directors / Art Directors: Federico Braga, Fernando Franco
Copywriter: Andrés Monge
Photographer: Osofante

Colineal Sofas: Dictator to Dalai Lama

Colineal Sofas Dictator to Dalai Lama


Client: Colineal Sofas
Campaign Title: Relax
Advertising Agency: Saltiveri Ogilvy, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Creative Directors / Art Directors: Federico Braga, Fernando Franco
Copywriter: Andrés Monge
Photographer: Osofante

smart fortwo: smart POP UP Billboards

Smart Fortwo Popup Billboards Campaign

In the major cities the smart is unbeatable, when it comes to finding a parking space. This superiority is showcased by the smart POP UP Billboards. They don’t put the smart onto a poster, but rather the poster onto the smart. Straight into the real world. Throughout the city, where it currently shines with its skills, the smart POP UP Billboards give the uniqueness of the smart the perfect setting. Because the best ad for the smart is the smart.


Client: Smart
Campaign Title: Smart POP UP Billboards
Advertising Agency: BBDO, Duesseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Wolfgang Schneider
Creative Managing Directors: Kristoffer Heilemann, Sebastian Hardieck, Darren Richardson
Creative Director: Veikko Hille
Art Director: Andreas Breunig
Copywriter: Michael Reinhardt
Photographer: Nadine Zilliges
Client Service Director: Sebastian Schlosser
Junior Account Manager: Benjamin Kraus
Producers: Bernhard Burg, Anuschka Wallè, Oli Krasemann, Juri Wiesner
Chief Production Officer: Steffen Gentis
Production company: Cobblestone Filmproduktion
Post-Production: CraftWork Duesseldorf
Audio Production House: Studio Funk
Sound Engineers: Timo Kockmeyer, Marco Manzo
Directors: Andreas Breunig, Michael Reinhardt
DOP: Yannick Bonica, Patrick Wiesner
Editor: Kevin Krefta