BMW: BMW M235i Epic Driftmob

BMW M235i Epic Driftmob

Is it possible to make a drift-choreography in a rotary traffic? BMW and German agency Interone took some hollywood stunt driver and added the same amount of BMW M235i cars. The result: About 90 seconds of driving pleasure and smoking tyres.


Client: BMW
Campaign Title: The Epic Driftmob
Advertising Agency: Interone, Munich, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Ohanian
Executive Creative Directors: Max Lederer, Thomas Heinz
Creative Directors: Florian Barthelmess, Björn Neugebauer
Copywriter: Daniel Ernsting
Art Directors: Jonathan Roolf, Christian Petersen, Erik Bierschenk, Till Heumann
Accounts: Jan Anderßen, Wolf Bockelmann
Production: Julian Holland, Hermann Krug

ALDI Like Brands Only Cheaper Cheese

ALDI Like Brands Only Cheaper Cheese

Like Brands. Only Cheaper.


Client: ALDI
Campaign Title: Like Brands. Only Cheaper
Advertising Agency: BMF, Australia
Managing Partner: Stephen McArdle
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creative Directors: Alex Booker, Philip Sicklinger
Art Directors: Patrick Chambers, Alex Booker
Copywriter: Mark Carbone
Planning: Christina Aventi
Director: Jeff Low
Producer: Lucas Jenner
Production Company: Rabbit Content
Post Production: The Editors / White Chocolate
Agency Producer: Mel Herbert
Editor: Bernard Garry
Music / Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DoP: Peter Eastgate
Group Account Director: Jonny Bucknall
Account Director: Aisling Salmaggi
Account Managers: Siena Shuttler, Katie Loverich

Dronevertising, A New Form Of Advertising

Wokker Dronevertising

Are you ready for Dronevertising? This is a new form of advertising that has just been developed by Hungry Boys Moscow and introduced in Russia. Meet the very first client – Asian restaurant chain Wokker using special drones to promote lunches to tower block office workers.


Client: Wokker
Campaign Title: Dronevertising
Advertising Agency: Hungry Boys, Moscow, Russia
Copywriter: Arthur Miroschnichenko
Creative Director: Vlad Sitnikov
Producer: Sasha Katin
Cameraman: Max Malakhov
Illustrator: Kata Semenova

CJFE Defend Press Freedom Campaign

CJFE Defend Press Freedom 1

CJFE Defend Press Freedom 2

CJFE Defend Press Freedom 3

Information is ammunition. Defend Press Freedom at


Client: Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE)
Campaign Title: Defend Press Freedom
Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Directors: Terry Drummond, Alan Madill, Barry Quinn
Copywriter: Matt Hubbard
Art Director: Mike Schonberger
Photography: Todd Mclellan

Diet Coke: The Slender Vender

Diet Coke The Slender Vender

Diet Coke presents: The Slender Vender. The thinnest vending machine in the world. It fits where others can’t and may show up in a place you’d least expect.

The Slender Vender


Client: Coca-Cola
Brand: Diet Coke
Campaign Title: The Slender Vender
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt
Creative Directors: Yvan Hiot, Frédéric Levron
Art Directors: Nicolas Gagner, Camille Pot
Photographer: Jeremy Bouchet
Creatives: Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet

Pro Wildlife: Stamping Down On Poaching

Stamping Down On Poaching

Challenge: The killing of endangered species for trophies or pleasure is unfortunately sometimes overlooked. Pro Wildlife is campaigning against this barbaric sport. We want to raise awareness and donations in support of this campaign.

Solution: To achieve the awareness required, we used a surprising and unseen medium. We designed a set of three donation stamps for Pro Wildlife.




Every trophy costs a life. Your donation can save it.

Result: 50 cents from the sale of each stamp went to Pro Wildlife. Our campaign raised a total of Euro 41,000 for Pro Wildlife, as well as mentions in several newspaper articles and discussions on blogs and social networks. Clicks on increased by 400%.


Client: Pro Wildlife
Campaign Title: Stamping Down On Poaching
Advertising Agency: gürtlerbachmann, Hamburg, Germany
Copywriters: Jana Pütz, Christiane Helm, Anna Christina Diehl
Art Directors: Britta Kraina, Christiane Helm, Anna Christina Diehl
Design: Britta Kraina
Account Manager: Anna Christina Diehl
Artworker: Christiane Helm
Brand Manager: Annette Sperrfechter

Turkish Cargo Special: Mona Lisa

Turkish Cargo Mona Lisa

Transporting artwork is an artwork.


Client: Turkish Cargo
Campaign Title: Mona Lisa
Advertising Agency: Happy People Project, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Yasar Akbas
Creative Group Heads: Atilla Karabay, Secuk Akyüz
Art Director: Ugur Islim
Copywriter: Alican Savas
Illustrator: Ugur Islim
Additional Credits: Özge Tuygur, Sevdam Kocaman, Orçun Onural