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Cancerfonden: Play in the Shade

Cancerfonden Play in the Shade

Swedish winters are long and dark. When summer finally arrives, our thirst for sunlight knows no limits. Cases of melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer – have doubled since the year 2000. Most of us know that sun protection is important when travelling overseas to sunnier countries. But many forget that this is also important at home during our day-to-day lives, especially during the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest.

To raise awareness about this, we created the world’s first soccer pitch made out of shade. The lines of the field were visible between 11am and 3pm, which is when the sun is at its strongest. We called this Play in the Shade.

Kids and adults alike gathered in a sunny park in Stockholm to play in the shade and enjoy a game of sun-safe soccer.

Cancerfonden Playinthe Shade 2


Client: Cancerfonden, Stockholm, Sweden
Advertising Agency: Volontaire, Stockholm, Sweden
Filming, Editing: Meshugene Brothers
Music: Albin Gromer