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Mai Sushi Sea Gangsters Posters

A well done series of posters for Mai Sushi, a local sushi restaurant, looking to recruit new staff members. The posters work as an ad for a job, challenging potential workers.

Mai Sushi Sea Gangsters 1

Mai Sushi Sea Gangsters 2

Mai Sushi Sea Gangsters 3

Go ahead, make me into sushi. Punk!


Client: Mai Sushi
Campaign Title: Sea Gangsters
Advertising Agency: Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Director: Marius Lukosius
Art Director: Remigijus Praspaliauskas
Copywriter: Rokas Eltermanas
Illustrator: Jakaterina Budryte
Head of Art: Irmantas Savulionis
Design: Aivaras Bakanauskas