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Sorry We Didn’t Show Up Clock for Manuel Urbanke

Sorry we didnt show up Clock

In Cannes 2014 Kristoffer Winther and Ole Hoffmann arranged a meeting with Manuel Urbanke from Jung von Matt/Alster because they wanted an internship. The day of the meeting came and… they didn’t show up!

Manuel Urbanke waited in vain for 25 minutes. But how could both guys make up for that? They made a big clock that beats up their faces for 25 minutes every hour every day. The pointer on the clock is a Jung von Matt boxing glove that hits the guys faces when the clock ticks. They sent the clock to Manuel Urbanke along with an apology and their portfolio.

Two days later, Jung von Matt invited Kristoffer Winther and Ole Hoffmann to Hamburg for an interview. They went there (on time) and got the internship.


Art Directors / Copywriters / Photographers: Ole Hoffmann, Kristoffer Winther