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Tramontina: The Barbecue Bible by JWT Brazil

A beautiful book that you can keep on your shelf or tear to pieces to make the perfect barbecue.

Tramontina The Bible of Barbecue

Barbecue is a major passion in Brazil. And Tramontina is the leader in kitchen supplies, with a complete line of barbecue accessories. Now, in order to increase customer loyalty, the brand has released The Bible of Barbecue.

Created by JWT Brazil, it’s not only a book that shows you how to make the perfect barbecue. It actually helps the reader in doing so by offering pages that turn into barbecue utensils. There’s a page made entirely of coal. A page made of salt, a sharpening page, even a wooden cover to be used as a chopping board. All of them organized in the exact order you need for cooking. And of course, there’s also a page that turns into an apron. So that everything, including the reader, looks perfect down to the last little detail.

So far The Barbecue Bible has been sent to master barbecue chefs in Brazil and it will soon be available in selected bookstores.

The Bible of Barbecue Page 1

The Bible of Barbecue 2

The Bible of Barbecue 3

Barbecue Bible Page 4

Barbecue Bible Page 5

Barbecue Bible Page 6

Barbecue Bible Page 7

Barbecue Bible Page 8

Barbecue Bible Page 9

Barbecue Bible Page 10

Barbecue Bible Page 11

Barbecue Bible Page 12


Client: Tramontina
Campaign Title: The Bible of Barbecue
Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Creative Directors: Erick Rosa, Diego Wortmann
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Art Director: Lucas Reis
Copywriters: Sleyman Khodor, Patrick Matzenbacher, Lucas Tristão, Fernando Duarte
Photography: Régis Fernandez
Illustrator: Lucas Reis / Estúdio Olho Bala
Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Director: Gustavo Gripe
Motion Designers: Guilherme Krolow, Filipe Birck
Director of Photography: Raul Krebs
Audio Production: Antfood
Released: March 2014