WWF Campaign by Marcin Budziński

WWF: Leather Jacket

WWF: Leather Glove

WWF: Jewelry 1

WWF: Jewelry 2

WWF: Trophy 1

WWF: Trophy 2

WWF: Leather Bag

WWF Posters against killing animals for material goods

These posters by Designer Marcin Budziński are his master degree in graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. WWF organization want to use it in Poland.

Killing animal for food is the normal law of the nature. The problem arises when hunting ceases to bring food and begins to be a source of income in the form of jewelry, clothes or objects. Moreover, the hunt began to be entertainment, from which one returns with the sin the form of deer antlers, bear skin etc. This is sick! These posters are against such a proceeding. All animals are a dying spiecies and they still being killed by poachers for the money. The campaign shows the recurrent issue.